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The Natural Feeder®
How nature intended your horses to feed
The Natural Feeder is the premium choice when it comes to the feeding and health of your horses


It’s Healthy!

It’s Natural!

It’s Convenient!

The Natural Feeder helps prevent the incidence of colic and painful gastric ulcers and greatly reduces the chance of sand colic and gastric disturbances caused by ingestion of dirt and debris which is typical with other types of feeding.



The Natural Feeder offers a naturally simple solution to the confinement and restriction of horses’ free access to forage.
Fulfills your horses natural need to graze while reducing stress for your horse.


The Natural Feeder is designed with the health of your horse in mind. Our product offers the convenience of “trickle feeding” with the tremendous benefits of round-the-clock grazing for your horses.  The Natural Feeder is easy to use and portable. The Natural Feeder only takes a few minutes to fill with a bale of hay.
Conveniently feeds up to two horses with one Natural Feeder unit.
No waste of hay makes this premium horse feeder the economical and efficient way to feed your horses.
The Natural Feeder is hard sided and made of durable materials to last your years.
Holds 1-2 strand bales of hay (45-50#).

The Natural Feeder® is a premium no waste restrictive trickle feeder for your horses, ponies, buffaloes, llamas, cattle or any other grazing herbivore animal. The Natural Feeder® is a bale feeder that is a natural and easy way to feed your horses and other grazing animals. The Natural Feeder® is a portable hard sided bale feeder that is an economical and an efficient way to supply your horses with clean hay without dust and debris.  This slow feeder will feed your horses usually 24 hours without refilling for two medium size horses. The Natural Feeder® will pay for its self in the first year of use. The Natural Feeder® is a premium bale feeder and it is environmentally friendly because it is made with 100% recycled materials but it is also made of sturdy high quality materials that will lasts for years outside in the elements. The Natural Feeder® is proudly made in the USA by Power to the Hoof LLC.
30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee!
The Natural Feeder® is a patent pending product in the USA and Canada.
A product of Power To The Hoof LLC.
Proudly made in the USA.

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